Shanta Kand (2022) NeonX Original
Shanta Kand (2022) NeonX Original

Movie Name : Shanta Kand (2022) NeonX Original

Starcast : Gauri, Rajesh,

Genres : Romance, Erotic,

Quality : HDRip

Length : 47min

Release Date : 10 October 2022

Movie Story : Shanta was standing in front of me in a sari and it looked as if it was the first day after marriage. As soon as I entered the house. I locked the gate and closed all the windows. I did not leave any such place from where anyone could see us. When I came back after closing everything, shanta was sitting at the dinner table so I went to her and sat on the chair next to her. Then I dragged her on the chair next to me and started kissing her. We both got lost in our kiss. I slowly began to untie her sari. She was also taking off my clothes. Soon we both became naked and then I started sucking his boobs.

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